Healthcare exchanges under Obamacare set to collapse in 2017. Your cost could go up 40%!

Americans currently using the Obamacare program should be wary of their coming health insurance rates. In my own state of Alabama, Blue Cross Blue Shield remains one of the only insurers. Over the summer, the insurance company put in a request that, if granted, would cause the rates for individual plans to skyrocket. President Obama recently held a meeting with a group of CEOs of the nation’s top insurance companies (Blue Cross Blue Shield CEO Scott Serota included). This meeting was called in reaction to the nationwide backlash to Obamacare. Additionally, Obama wrote individual letters to each CEO requesting their cooperation with his act. The CEOs of AETNA and United Healthcare were among those not in attendance. This is notable as AETNA was one of the strongest proponents for the act just a year ago. Since voicing their support last year, AETNA has lost over 300 million dollars. In response, the company has announced their intentions to withdraw from the health exchanges. This has been one of the biggest obstacles for the administration. Companies are losing unbelievable amounts of money, leaving prominent private insurance companies with no choice but to cut ties with the health exchange markets

At this point, Obamacare has proven to be a complete failure. Government intrusion in healthcare is not helping our country, it’s hurting it. For the third year in a row, a Gallup poll recorded the majority of American’s disfavor Obamacare, and they also do not favor Hillary Clintons push towards full government control of healthcare.

If the democrats are able to take back congress and the white house there is no doubt that they will push for a complete government takeover of healthcare. If that were to occur, it would have disastrous consequences for all Americans.

My father is an internal medical doctor. As a physician, he has seen the negative effects of the act firsthand. A number of his colleagues are entering private medicine and will no longer take Medicare patients. Obama’s actions have cost this country billions. Insurance rates are through the roof and it is the American people that have to pay for it. This rise in rates is happening across the nation. And if the trends are correct, 2017 will be the biggest increase in healthcare cost and the biggest decrease of doctors participating in the exchanges. If our economy is to grow, we need more than one company to keep rates competitive. Thanks to Obamacare, Many Americans are left with only one major healthcare provider in their state. How is this going to keep rates affordable for the average consumer? Answer: it won’t.

When I graduated law school my first job was working for the governor of Alabama as a health policy advisor. And at the time we were dealing with the impact of Obamacare on our state and because the law is so intrusive, states don’t have a lot of options to avoid the consequences of this bad law. On a personal note, Healthcare is something with which I have a great deal of experience and passion. I want what is best for my community and my country. Americans do not want the government in their business. If the Democrats get there way our healthcare system will operate with the same efficiency as the DMV. Is that what we want? No. We can’t let the Obama administration continue pushing the farce that they are helping the American people. As a concerned citizen and voter, I hope our country can find a way to get back on the right track.

On a practical note, I would advise you to check out any alternatives to participating in the health exchanges. There are many ways to avoid the negative impact of this law which are free market based. Taking a little time to research these alternatives could save your family thousands of dollars.

Mr. Reid is general practice attorney in Birmingham, Alabama. He has worked for republican leadership in the house in D.C. and was a health policy advisor to the governor of Alabama. You can contact him by email at or by phone at 205-913-7406. For a full description of the Reid Law Firm's practice areas, please visit Our firm practices the following areas of law: wills, trust, and estates, divorce and family, DUI and drug offenses (only first and second time offenses), and car accident cases. We also handle business law, including formation of business entities and drafting contracts. Additionally, I co-host Yellowhammer News every Monday during lunch from 11-12 on 101.1 fm Birmingham (but our show is broadcast throughout most of the state).