Family Law

Children are our greatest joy and there’s no more joyous occasion than to grow your family through adoption. However, the adoption process in Alabama and elsewhere is complicated and issues of legal procedure, the rights of birth parents, and even complex immigration issues have to be given the greatest of care and attention.

Reid Law Firm is skilled in navigating all sides of the adoption process. Whether we are representing the adoptive parents or the birth parents, we can help you to understand adoption laws in Alabama and cut through the red tape to make your adoption the positive experience that you and your child deserve.

Whether it is a stepchild adoption or an adoption of a child from out of state, we are able to work with different states and different courts to insure your adoption is handled efficiently and correctly.  Don’t pay an outrageous fee to do an adoption when you could use our services for a very reasonable price. 

There is no greater joy than to extend your family through the process of adoption. Put our experience in navigating the adoption process to work for you. Call today.

Family Law Attorney

Family law is an area that is all too common, but no less confusing, for many Alabama residents. Family law is an umbrella term that has many different facets and areas. Everything from fighting against crooked adoption agencies to family disputes falls under the category of family law. Unfortunately, many lawyers practicing in this area may only handle one side of it, leaving you defenseless in your exact case.

Due to the personal nature of family law, you simply can’t afford for a case to drag on longer than it should. Whether you have a dispute with someone you care about, or you are worried about fighting back against adoption agencies, we are your best defense against them all. Most would assume that they must represent themselves in a family legal matter, but having a family law attorney can make all the difference in your case. Call today if you find yourself struggling to move forward in:

·         Domestic Disputes

·         Divorce Representation

·         Prenuptial Agreements

·         Postnuptial Agreements

·         Divorce Agreements

·         Power of Attorney

·         Will and Testaments

·         Estates

·         Living Will

·         Child Adoption Needs

·         Child Custody Cases

·         And all other family law attorney services.

The hard thing about cases involving family law is that not all situations require a court appearance. Some simply want help in ensuring that their aging parents have all of their affairs in order. Others need assistance in obtaining full custody of their children or adopting children, or even disputes between family members. When you need a local legal expert that can handle all of your family law needs, you need us to represent you and those that matter most.

Why Family Law?

Matters concerning family laws are rarely an easy process. This is doubly true when you are defending yourself, either legally or otherwise, against someone you know, someone you trust, and even someone you love. These cases are often deeply personal, and as a result, emotions play a larger role than in other areas of law. Because of the added emotional strain, both on the case and in your relationships, you need someone who can keep a level head, as well as has the experience that you need to ensure the case goes smooth.

Reid Law Firm has been providing better family law representation to Birmingham, covering a variety of different cases and obtaining the best results possible. Whether you need help in better protecting your family, or going after the compensation that you deserve from other parties, we are the best option for your family law needs each time