DUI & Drug Cases

Have you been arrested in Alabama for a DUI or drug offense? If so, text  @ (205) 913-7406 or e-mail reidfirm@gmail.com immediately.

The State of Alabama takes DUI and drug cases very seriously. An arrest or conviction for DUI or drug possession can have life altering consequences including hefty fines, loss of driving privileges, and even significant jail time. Reid Law Firm understands the struggles our clients face both legally and within their community. We work hard to review all of the facts behind your arrest and assess the likelihood of your conviction. We will never give you false hope. No matter how serious the offense, we will work to help you obtain the best possible outcome to your case.

We understand that your DUI or drug arrest can be the most confusing time of your life. It’s difficult to know the right direction to take in pleading guilty or not guilty or even knowing the ramifications behind being accused of DUI or unlawful possession of a controlled substance (UPOCS). There is no reason for you to navigate this situation alone. Reid Law Firm has the experience to help you understand your best next move and there is never a fee for a consultation.

No matter what the circumstances, when you've been arrested the most important thing you can do is to move quickly to understand and protect your rights. Call today.

An Excellent DUI Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

When you are faced with drunk driving or driving under the influence charges, you may think that you are going to be faced to represent yourself. However, after representing countless DUI cases, as well as sitting in on others, hiring a DUI attorney is not only recommended, but a necessity. Many Alabama residents may feel that their only choices are a court appointed lawyer, or self representation, but you deserve someone who knows the current laws.

Drug laws, alcohol laws, prescription drug laws, and other legislation concerning substance use are constantly changing. Not only that, but most new changes are confusing to keep up with. From changes in blood alcohol level limits to the nation’s changing attitudes, it may be next to impossible to know how to fairly represent yourself in a court of law.

One of the many areas that our firm excels in is being your best DUI lawyer. No matter what your situation may be, we have the experience that you can rely on. We can provide you with better representation for all of your:

·         DUI Case

·         DWI Case

·         DUI Blood Testing

·         Prescription Drug Cases 

·         And other areas concerning drug and alcohol charges.

When you need to get legal help immediately, you can’t rely on a legal team than only acts as a drunk driving lawyer. When you need the best in local DUI lawyers, you need to call us.

Why DUI Law?

DUI law is a difficult area of the law, and not one that you want to be stuck in alone. Many people are under the assumption that receiving a DUI or DWI is not a situation that they need to worry about. However, it is easier than ever before to wind up in such a situation, even if you know that you are not intoxicated. The state, unfortunately, does not care; all they see is someone who should not be behind the wheel.

Something as simple as taking your legally prescribed medicine and then getting pulled over is all that it takes to have a DWI on your record, and when that happens, your life is going to drastically change for the worst. When you need a professional and experienced DUI lawyer in your corner, you need to call us to fight for your case.