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The problem with finding legal services is that it can be difficult to know how well a lawyer will perform. In fact, most clients are unaware of whether or not they are getting their money’s worth until the date of their court appearance or mediation. While this is not an issue with a well-established law firm, how can you be completely sure that you are receiving the level of representation that you need for your exact situation?

Our founder Chris Reid received his law degree in 2010, and has been worked for many prominent political figures, including House Republican Whip Roy Blunt and the Alabama Attorney General Office. In addition to working with state and national legislatures, Mr. Reid has held the position of Health and Judiciary Policy Analyst for Alabama’s state governor, as well as served as a senior partner at Reid & Ketchum Attorneys at Law.

Today, you can find Mr. Reid serving his community both in a professional capacity, as well as with his extensive volunteer work. Reid has also appeared on numerous local and national television programs, including Good Day Alabama, NBC’s The Attorneys, as well as online guest articles and posts.

The team at Reid Law Firm also strives to offer the most accessible legal services in all of Alabama, with an emphasis on the surrounding Birmingham area. Whenever you need a better quality of legal defense in a variety of different areas, you can depend on us. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation, and we will meet with you sooner than you may think. We service many different communities in our state, including:

·         Jefferson County

·         Shelby County

·         Tuscaloosa, AL

·         Auburn, AL

·         Montgomery, AL

·         Huntsville, AL

·         Mobile, AL

·         Gulf Shores, AL

·         Orange Beach, AL

·         And Dothan, Alabama.

By offering more convenient legal services to a wider area of Alabama residents, we can ensure that more people have access to the legal services that they need.

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Most law firms would rely on the mistakes that are all too commonly made by today’s youth as they go off to college. However, most of these mistakes are easily solved, and the end result is either the law firm taking advantage of a desperate young person, or a prestigious firm having to do whatever is necessary to make a bad situation a little worse. This is not the focus of our team, however. We believe that sometimes good people are caught in bad situations, and simply need a professional helping hand to guide them through the process.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel alone and do not know who you can trust, then call us today and have the defense that you deserve. For all serious cases, including DUI, personal injury, family law, and more, we offer our top quality legal services for free, allowing you to be able to find help when you need it most. Call today when you need better protection against everything that life may send your way.