Hope for America: how we can overcome the politics of fear

The greatest danger to the American people is not an outside force but internal conflict. Our country has always had diversity of opinions and differences but we have generally had common values that we all adhered too. Our leaders may have disagreed on the solutions, but they at the very least worked to inspire people to believe in something greater than themselves. In this election year, I have been discouraged that the theme that is getting the most attention by the mainstream media is how we should be afraid of each other. I really was inspired by Marco Rubio not because I agreed with all of his positions, but because he believed that America’s best days are still ahead of her. The sentiment in this country is that we are on a path to decline and this generation will inherit a worse country than the one before it. America’s greatest resource isn’t her military might nor her economic power…. it is her people.

All around us we see people losing hope, and not just in political parties, but in the great institutions of this country. People begin to believe that they can’t achieve so they stop trying. Our politicians find short term success by promoting discord, so they continue to stoke the fire of discontentment. If we are going to succeed as a country we cannot allow politicians to divide us against each other. Although our country is faced with great challenges I fully believe we can meet those challenges. America has always believed that she can overcome anything, but when the masses lose confidence, we set ourselves up to fail. I still believe that applying the conservative principals of personal and fiscal responsibility are the best hope to restoring the greatness of our country. The Republican party has its flaws but we have some incredible young leaders who are doing amazing things behind the scenes (Mike Pence is someone we can all look up to because he has worked his whole life to make this country better). All the liberals have is the same failed policies of big government and high taxes, which lead to less freedom for the individual and more government intrusion into every aspect of our lives. I firmly believe liberals are motivated by a desire to do good and help others (many of my liberal friends work tirelessly in their own lives to help those in need and they are incredibly generous), but the policies they advocate tend to do more harm than good.

As an attorney and small business owner, I see firsthand the hardship caused by an intrusive government. Many of my clients are small business owners who not only desire to make a better life for their family but sometimes they feel like they can’t get ahead because of the endless red tape caused by the government. Because of all the pressure they face, sometimes my clients have to learn how to deal with failure. I always tell them it’s ok to fail but it’s never ok to let themselves be defined by the failure. I know many of you are frustrated by the failures that were brought on by the Obama administration. His liberal policies have done harm to our health care system to the point where many people can’t afford coverage and the coverage they can afford has such a high deductable that they can’t afford the co-pay. However, as conservatives, we must not only point out the failures of the liberal policies we must advocate for conservative free market solutions. The good news is we know what the solutions are and I believe that if we all work together we can win over the American people to our philosophy of limited government. My encouragement to you is to do everything you can to get your friends and family to vote for conservative candidates on November 8th. I plan on going door to door almost every weekend until the election to get people to come and vote. In closing, remember the words of Winston Churchill “Never, Never, Never Give Up”. God bless you all and lets all remember to pray that God will continue to bless our nation.

Mr. Reid is general practice attorney in Birmingham, Alabama. He has worked for republican leadership in the house in D.C. and was a health policy advisor to the governor of Alabama. You can contact him by email at chris.reid@reidlawalabama.com or by phone at 205-913-7406. For a full description of the Reid Law Firm's practice areas, please visit reidlawalabama.com. Our firm practices the following areas of law: wills, trust, and estates, divorce and family, DUI and drug offenses (only first and second time offenses), and car accident cases. We also handle business law, including formation of business entities and drafting contracts. Additionally, I co-host Yellowhammer News every Monday during lunch from 11-12 on 101.1 fm Birmingham (but our show is broadcast throughout most of the state).