Don’t live dangerously! Why hiring an attorney to review your contract can save you money and heartache

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You just got offered a brand new job! Before rushing to sign the first contract presented to you, consider consulting an attorney. You may not be verse in technical legal jargon, but for an attorney, analyzing contracts is second nature. You want to feel confident in your decision before you sign something legally binding. Many fail to consider whether or not their contracts are negotiable. An attorney can help you with this and recommend areas in need of alteration.

Consulting an attorney is advisable whether you’re the company owner or the new employee. They can provide an objective opinion as to whether or not the contract is fair. Bringing the contract to the attention an attorney proves that you are taking the contract seriously. This is a legal document. If you aren’t careful, you might agree (unwittingly) to any number of outlandish requests. No one wants to be taken advantage of. Both you and the other party want your interests protected. An attorney can help find a solution that both parties are satisfied with.

I am able to understand even the most complex contract. The danger in not having an attorney to review a contract is that in Alabama it is incredibly hard to void a contract once it is entered into by two adult parties. The good part of that equation is that if you and your attorney negotiate a contract then the other side will also have an extremely difficult time trying to get out of the contract and we can also put various incentives in the contract that encourage compliance and discourage breach of contract. Sadly, I have had clients come into to my office who tell me about the great offer they were given by an employer only to find out that it actually was a bad offer when we read the fine print. Contract review is not expensive and it can save you thousands of dollars and avoid the cost of litigation down the road.

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