Prescription And Over-The-Counter Drug Abuse In Teens

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Prescription drug abuse is on the rise, particularly amongst kids. Taking prescription or over-the-counter medications at parties has become tremendously popular. It has been reported that nearly 1 in 5 teenagers has taken powerful narcotics for recreational purposes. This is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening behavior. As a community and as a nation, we need to come to terms with the extent of prescription drug abuse. It is only then that act to end this alarming behavior.

Often the aforementioned medications are obtained from the kids’ own homes. Many parents don’t realize their children are taking and abusing the pills stored within their own medicine cabinets. The elderly are another population targeted by this phenomenon. Sadly, it has become extremely common for a grandchild to steal his or her grandparents’ mediations. Because these medications are so easily obtained, abuse has become increasingly common. Cough syrup, for example, can be found in nearly any household. Hopefully, as more adults become aware of the problem, medications will not be as readily available and poorly monitored.

Another reason for the frequency of prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse is the perceived level of safety. Many teenagers believe that these medications are safer than using illegal drugs. Teenagers aim to get high, lose weight, or gain focus, and over-the-counter drugs are the most accessible means of attaining these outcomes. Teenagers can buy over-the-counter drugs at any drug store, giving an extremely false sense of security. Just because the medications are readily available does not mean they are safe for anyone to use.

For their own safety, we need to take action to help teenagers see the dangers in their behavior. Drug abuse can have serious consequences. For one, there is the physical danger. There is the chance of suspension from school. There is also the possibility of arrest. Obviously the physical ramifications are the most serious. We need to help these kids before they get hurt or form addictions.

At the Reid Law Firm, we regularly handle drug possession cases. We work with our clients in whatever way possible to improve their situation. One way we can help clients is through rehab programs. We will also do whatever is in our power to defend our clients. We recognize that everyone makes mistakes. Often we are able to keep these mistakes off our clients record. Through this, our clients are made to learn their lesson without having to pay for their mistake the rest of their life.

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