Cira Petronzio - Chief Legal Assistant and Head of Intern Program

Towards the end of 2017, I decided to pursue an internship with the Reid Law Firm. By obtaining a legal internship, I hoped to gain experience and knowledge by assisting attorneys and working beside them in a fast-paced, legal environment. This internship quickly exceeded my expectations, with Mr. Reid promoting me shortly after starting as an intern due to my insight and work ethic. I am now the firm’s Chief Legal Assistant and Director of Community Relations, as well as head of the intern and clerk programs. In these positions, I problem solve on a variety of cases, perform complex legal research, and attend clients’ trials. The Reid Law Firm has also allowed me to tremendously extend my social media outreach and establish excellent connections for my future.

With all of these new skills, I am able to grow and take steps in the direction of my future career and goals. The firm also allows me to continue to focus on school since I am currently a junior at the University of Alabama. As a Pre-Law student, the curriculum is rigorous and the LSAT preparation is constant, but Mr. Reid works with me and makes sure that these things are prioritized. Not only am I gaining a large amount of knowledge in the legal field, but I believe that I am also becoming a more intellectual and efficient thinker. I am extremely excited to continue working with the Reid Law Firm, as my experience so far has been both beneficial and enjoyable.

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