Dallas Coleman - Attorney

The Reid Law Firm has found a way to merge two industries, law and politics, in a way that I have never seen done before. Chris is generous enough to give people curious about the law and politics a way to learn in a hands-on approach that is not available anywhere else. Chris began working to help me obtain my license to practice in Alabama within minutes of sitting down with me and has allowed me to help the firm in many ways, which goes to show the extent that Chris, as well as Reid Law Firm, will go to help people out. 



Trey Edwards - Chief Policy Adviser

I chose to work with Chris because I wanted a degree of freedom. I interviewed with Chris just as a nice response. I interviewed and felt valued immediately and knew this was the place I’d want to be. Chris focuses on valuing everyone — be it clients or staff — and that is an important culture. 

While at the firm, I am working on a variety of tasks including policy analysis and proposals. As I gear up for law school I think the lessons learned at Reid Firm will put me far beyond my peers.


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Daniel Bruce - Chief Consultant

I began working for the Reid Law Firm in the summer of 2017, when I enrolled in the internship program. I was looking for an opportunity to gain experience the legal field, particularly with legal research and writing. The internship exceeded my expectations, as I not only developed my research and writing abilities, but also gained experience in running a small business, working in local and national media, and running the day to day operations of a law firm. I had always had an interest in politics, but through some of the writing assignments and opportunities presented to me at the firm, that interest turned into a passion. I now regularly write and commentate on news and events throughout the political arena and hope to continue that throughout my career.

After a brief hiatus writing for a large Alabama news source, Chris offered me an opportunity to return as the firm’s Chief Consultant. I now assist with the firm’s media outreach, including researching, editing, and writing articles for the firm’s website and Chris’s Newsmax column. I particularly enjoy this job because it allows me to simultaneously expand my future career opportunities and continue to dedicate time to my studies. I am now a regular contributor for Rouser News and am preparing to apply to law school in the fall. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that Chris and the Reid Law Firm have presented me throughout my time here.



Cira Petronzio - Chief Legal Assistant and Head of Intern Program

Towards the end of 2017, I decided to pursue an internship with the Reid Law Firm. By obtaining a legal internship, I hoped to gain experience and knowledge by assisting attorneys and working beside them in a fast-paced, legal environment. This internship quickly exceeded my expectations, with Mr. Reid promoting me shortly after starting as an intern due to my insight and work ethic. I am now the firm’s Chief Legal Assistant and Director of Community Relations, as well as head of the intern and clerk programs. In these positions, I problem solve on a variety of cases, perform complex legal research, and attend clients’ trials. The Reid Law Firm has also allowed me to tremendously extend my social media outreach and establish excellent connections for my future.

With all of these new skills, I am able to grow and take steps in the direction of my future career and goals. The firm also allows me to continue to focus on school since I am currently a junior at the University of Alabama. As a Pre-Law student, the curriculum is rigorous and the LSAT preparation is constant, but Mr. Reid works with me and makes sure that these things are prioritized. Not only am I gaining a large amount of knowledge in the legal field, but I believe that I am also becoming a more intellectual and efficient thinker. I am extremely excited to continue working with the Reid Law Firm, as my experience so far has been both beneficial and enjoyable.

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Janey Whitney - Intern

I began interning at Reid Law Firm in January 2018 and have already learned so much about running a successful law office. Since I have experience with technology, I have been updating the firm’s website and updating our presence on social media. Chris has expressed the importance of spreading your firm’s name online to bring in new business and to have a further outreach in the community. My education remains my first priority and this internship is currently preparing me to take the LSAT in Fall 2018.

I decided to study pre-law as an undergrad and pursue this internship because I have an interest in family law. Family law is what led me to my career path and Reid Law Firm practices in family law, along with many other areas of practice. I also have a strong interest in politics, which Chris regularly provides commentary on throughout multiple media outlets. I want this internship to lead me on the path towards success; and so far, that’s exactly what it’s doing.

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Emily Atwell - Intern

When I chose to pursue law school, the importance of gaining unmatched experience became my top priority. I learn the best through hands-on learning, and I have found that and more while interning at Reid Law Firm. When I first started the internship, I was a nervous wreck because I knew that this was all new territory for me. I had been focused on a degree in medicine up until this decision, so I had a lot to learn. Chris Reid has effortlessly merged me in to the law world by allowing me to work on cases with him, maintaining his patience through teaching me, and always lended a positive comment to calm my nerves this semester. The internship at Reid law firm immediately started me off with teaching my how to network and utilize my strengths to make myself stand out. I have also found a new sense of confidence in myself and my analysis skills through Chris’s praise (and occasional critique) that will give me the bravery to go beyond my comfort zone. 

Not only has Reid Law Firm expanded my understanding of practicing law, and allowed me to learn and grow through this program, I am able to utilize connections that I normally would not have access to. Along with building up my professional network, Chris Reid has allowed me to work with our clients and establish pristine communication skills, which cannot be taught through classes or lectures. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I know the rest of the internship will be equally as enriching for my future career as it has been thus far.

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