Daily Spiritual Task List

I wrote this daily spiritual task to try to encourage myself and others to really be intentional about pursuing and enjoying God. One of the things that stuck with me at church was how pursuing a relationship with God should bring us joy and peace but it never comes easy. Like any relationship you have to invest in it and be willing to push through when things are difficult. Anyway, I hope it encourages you and blesses you!

Daily Spiritual Task List

1.    Love God, Love others and enjoy your life. Don’t get lost in the daily grind but find ways to move towards the goals you have set for yourself and be willing to do what it takes to accomplish those things moving forward

2.    Take time to encourage others, pray for others and encourage others and also be willing to rejoice always in God knowing that in him you have peace and that his peace doesn’t disappoint but is always moving forward.

3.    Be intentional with the work you have been given. Pray for wisdom and that God would show you how to find solutions to the problems you face. Don’t forget to do what is needed to not get overwhelmed or bogged down. Be faithful with the little things and let the Lord work all things out in his good timing

4.    Be sure to be wise in how you use the resources of time, money, health and energy. Remember that when you make a mistake its ok to forgive yourself but be sure to show that grace and mercy to others in your life. Don’t neglect the word of God and don’t be afraid to talk about your faith, not in a way that comes down on anyone nor is self-righteous but in a way that brings people hope and joy

5.    Remember that you are meant for something more than just to exist and get through the day but to thrive and to not lose heart when times get tough. Don’t be afraid of the challenges but trust the lord no matter what happens that his way is good and his grace will never disappoint.

6.    Be thankful in all the blessings he gives and don’t just see the challenges. See the things that he has given you and rejoice in his provision. Don’t run in fear but run in faith. Lord I know you are going to take care of things and I know your love endures forever.

7.    Trust the Lord that Got you this far will continue helping you the entire way. Seek him in prayer, reading the word, listening to sermons, worship and in fellowship. Remember God didn’t make us to be alone but to be in fellowship with each other so live each day in community and encouragement.

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