Purpose Driven Faith: Why life will pass us by if we don't open up our eyes

In the heart of all of us is the desire to find a purpose in the things we do. Yet, we waste so much time on the things we deem to be insignificant. I think somewhere in our heart, there is a constant feeling that that life would be so much better if we only had achieved more of the things we had dreamed about when we were younger. The constant search for significance is something that all of us struggle with on some level, and even when we achieve the thing we worked so hard to obtain, we are met by the feeling that we need something else to satisfy our hearts. If you look at the lives of many of the rich and powerful, you will see that often they are deeply unsatisfied and find little joy in the things that they have obtained. As Christians, we understand that joy and peace can only be found in the Lord, and as much as we understand this in our minds, it is so hard to live in reliance on the Lord rather than ourselves. In church they teach us that it is the purpose of man to glorify God and enjoy him forever, yet we still tend to look for satisfaction in the things apart from God and we wonder why it is so hard to find contentment. The song “Wake me up” by Avicii illustrates this point:

Feeling my way through the darkness, guided by a beating heart. I can't tell where the journey will end, but I know where to start. They tell me I'm too young to understand,
They say I'm caught up in a dream. Well life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes,
Well that's fine by me. So wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older.
All this time I was finding myself, and I didn't know I was lost.

            The song talks about how life will pass us by if we don’t open up our eyes and that is ok with us. I think the way we find our peace in the Lord is realizing that he is enough to satisfy us, and that there is no rest until we find it in him. Of all the truths in the scripture, the one I desire the most to live by is to understand that God is enough. The gospel is more than the way in which we may find our salvation; it is also the way we may find our rest. I am a restless person by nature, and yet I find no matter how much I accomplish it is never enough to satisfy. As an attorney, my clients put their trust in me and although I find this to be a great honor, I also see that sometimes I measure my value by how successful I am in my profession. I try and find my rest my ability, and no matter how well I perform… there is no rest in it. I don’t know what it is you do that you seek satisfaction in, but I do know that if you know the Lord there can be no peace in. I would encourage all of you to remember that this life is short, and that God gives us the resource of time so we can fulfill the purposes he has set for us. So if you seek to find contentment…remember that in Christ you will have peace, but in this world you will have trials. I write these devotionals not only to encourage you, but to remind myself of these truths and so that I would not waste my life on things that don’t matter, nor give my time to the things that are frivolous. Of all of the regrets I have the one that is the hardest to bear… is realizing how much time I have wasted on things that do not matter. I challenge you to not waste the life God has given you, and to seek your satisfaction in the Lord. We all do the things we think will make us happy, yet so many of us lack contentment and joy, and the reason is those things really aren’t what fulfills. Only in the power of the gospel can we find rest. All we have is today, so even if you feel so far from the lord…. remember he never will leave nor forsake. God doesn’t love us based on who we are but on who he is, and he that started a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. He is not finished with any of us yet, and he will find a way to bring you back to the path he has set for you. I encourage you to let him rule and reign in you, so that you will find your rest. May God bless you and may you find your deepest rest in him.

About the Author: I am a Birmingham attorney who has been in private practice for over six years. I have a general practice, so I get the opportunity to help serve people who find themselves in some very difficult circumstances. My e-mail is reidfirm@gmail.com. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it encourages you. I always love getting thoughtful comments so please email those to me. My website is www.reidlawalabama.com.