Pelosi & Schumer work to keep Moore in Race! Will Moore Voters listen to AG Sessions or do the bidding Liberal Democrats

It’s been just over a week since the Washington Post broke the story of Roy Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct—and the situation has worsened. Though the news was at first met with some speculation and uncertainty, it is now clear, without a doubt, that Moore should step down from his candidacy. His alleged actions have not only tainted the Republican party, but have irreparably harmed the lives of innocent young women.

          As an Alabama attorney, and a media correspondent, I have thoroughly examined the evidence against Moore and have spoken to people with inside information about the scandal. Though I gave Moore the benefit of the doubt when the story first broke, there is now overwhelming evidence implicating him in sexual misconduct. Moore has gone from controversial to a man so consumed with pride he thinks he is the victim not the woman he allegedly molested, and as Republicans we need to take action to stop him from representing our party, the great state of Alabama, and the nation.

          It’s true that no one can say for sure what happened 40 years ago, but the stories of the women who have come forward are far too terrible to ignore. I’m a die-hard Republican and I want to maintain the party’s majority in the Senate—but there’s no way that I could support a accused child molester when evidence is overwhelming of his guilt. And that’s what Moore is, let’s not beat around the bush. Yesterday on the radio, when I asked many of the callers who had defended Moore very few had even read the accusations. I despise the Washington Post and they have committed libel against conservatives so many times it’s hard to count. I understand why Moore voters don’t trust it and the timing seems political. As a Republican I came to this with skepticism but examined the evidence, spoke with people off the record who could independently confirm what these women had said and the truth was it was far worse and that will come out soon. Also the media is holding more damning evidence and by election day Moore shall not be victorious and the Alabama State Party will have gone on record to support an accused child molester.

          In my law practice, I have been in the position of giving legal counsel to families whose young daughters were raped, assaulted, and molested. These girls suffered harm at the hands of teachers, church officials, and other authority figures who took advantage of their positions to commit unspeakable acts. I cannot express enough how awful it is to have had to look in these girls’ eyes and see the devastation, hurt, and most of all loss caused by selfish, despicable grown men. Young girls who are assaulted lose a piece of themselves, and what has been taken from them they can never get back.

          This is what Moore allegedly did to the victims that he sexually assaulted. He took something from them, and by speaking out these women are doing what they can to take that piece of themselves back. We cannot let this effort go in vain. We must do something to avenge these victims, and take something from Moore in return.

          Moore’s response to the accusations has been shameful. He has done nothing but blame others, and dodge questions. Moore said that he never dated any young girls without their mother’s permission—last time I checked, a mother can’t and wouldn’t give permission to allow her 14-year old child to be molested by a 32-year old man. Though some of the women coming forward were of legal age when Moore had romantic relationships with them, at the very least his behavior is incredibly creepy.

          Morality aside, from a political perspective Moore’s continued candidacy is political suicide, not only for Moore himself, but for the entire Republican party. Even if Moore were completely innocent, he cannot recover in the race. A recent poll shows Moore a full 8 points behind opponent Doug Jones. Though this is near the margin of error, it shows a clear trend—Republican defeat in Alabama, a bright red state.

          I have been Republican for as long as I can remember. I worked at the Heritage Foundation in DC and they are even paying for me to fly up for an alumni reception. I worked for the Alabama Policy Institute, was a Health policy advisor to the Governor, and clerked for the Alabama AG in the family protection unit where we went after men who molested children! So my conservative credentials are beyond question. But the Republican party I believe in supports family values. It’s the party that passed legislation against sex trafficking, not the party that’s on the side of someone who may have violated young girls. How some Republicans can say they care about sexual assault victims but continue to support a man like Moore, I can’t fathom.

          We need to stand up as Republicans, and figure out a solution. We absolutely need a Republican to win the Alabama seat, in order for there to be any successful policy passed through Congress. And if leaders in my state will listen to me, I guarantee we will keep the seat and avoid being branded the party that supports accused child molesters. The governor must delay the special election. I realize she said she wouldn’t but she must change her mind. Gary Palmer from the 6th district of Alabama could step up and easily unit the party and he would beat Doug Jones by 20 points. If Kay Ivey doesn’t move the election she will never lose the primary and go down as the Republican governor who gave Senator Sessions seat to the Democrats.

Finally, as someone who is a Christian, I am so ashamed of the pastors in my state who went out and attacked victims who made allegations of sexual assault. The church is supposed to a place where hurting people can go to be loved not a place where the leaders will call victims liars without even listening to them. I am confident God is just but I hope that those ministers do repent and find forgiveness from the Lord. Please pray for my state and ask that God would reveal the truth quickly and all victims of sexual assault will be exposed and face justice

About the Author: Christopher Reid is an attorney out of Birmingham who owns his own general practice law firm, which handles Business, Family, and Probate Law and high-end litigation throughout the state of Alabama. Reid has held various policy positions, including working for the Alabama Policy Institute and the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C., where he also worked for House Republican Whip Roy Blunt. In law school, he clerked for the Alabama Attorney General Office, and, after graduation, he became Health and Judiciary Policy Analyst for Alabama’s governor. His charitable work includes serving on the board of Sav-A-Life. Chris is a frequent co-host on The Scott Beason Show in Birmingham, writes political and legal commentary for publications including The Hill, The Washington Examiner, and has been quoted in The New Yorker. He regularly provides on-air expertise and political commentary for TV news shows on Fox, NBC, and Newsmax with JD Hayworth. Contact him by E-mail at . Photo used under fair use doctrine here is link

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