How Reid Law Firm Fought Government Red Tape to Help a Disabled Veteran

At the beginning of the summer of 2018, the Reid Law Firm was approached by our friend Kyle Nuss. Kyle is a disabled veteran fighting cystic fibrosis who had recently discovered that the Social Security Administration mistakenly declared him dead instead of his father, Gregory Nuss, who passed away in May. Due to the devastating error, Kyle was unable to access his bank accounts and technically had no health insurance.

"I wasn't able to use my credit or debit card, so I actually called them and they told me – this was at 10 o'clock at night – that I was deceased,” Nuss said in an interviewwith Alabama’s Fox6 WBRC. “I said, 'Y’all just went off a first-last name basis, y’all didn't check social security numbers or birthday?' She goes, 'Well, that seems to be what happened.' I said, 'Well that's ridiculous.'"

Kyle couldn’t pay a dime for his ongoing treatment at UAB Hospital in Birmingham and would not be able to access the care he would need if he was able to be discharged. His health had deteriorated severely, to the point that doctors would be worried he would be dead within a week if he left the hospital. Family members feared that the stress of the situation could cause a heart attack or stroke. 

With Kyle’s life on the line, the Reid Law Firm sprang into action, putting every able body on the case. Kyle didn’t have time for a prolonged battle with government bureaucrats. He needed help immediately. Our staff began writing articles to be published in major news outlets in order to get the word out about Kyle’s situation. We contacted Congressmen and government officials, and Senator Doug Jones and Congressman Gary Palmer expressed interest in helping with Kyle’s case. After attorney Chris Reid appeared with Kyle on Newsmax TV, a tweetby host John Cardillo caught the attention of the Trump administration. Soon, a White House official reached out to Kyle and assured him that everything had been cleared up with Social Security. Kyle had his life back.

Kyle is still struggling with his debilitating disease but can now focus on recovery. He has become a dear friend of our firm and was a pleasure to get to know and work with.

Unfortunately, Kyle’s case is all too familiar with many veterans and others who find themselves lost in the red tape of mismanaged government agencies. In September of last year, an auditconducted by the SSA unearthed 750 accounts of deceased veterans who still received regular social security payments, resulting in millions of wasted taxpayer dollars. Additionally, 11 percent of veteran recipients were mistakenly reported to be dead when they were actually alive.

The Reid Law Firm is dedicated to fighting back against the bureaucratic red tape and regulations that too often harm upstanding citizens. We know that these cases often take special care and attention – often outside of traditional legal remedies – in order to be resolved quickly and in the best interest of the harmed party. 

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