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What's a will? 

Most people have a general idea of what a will is, and many acknowledge they are in need of one. The problem is, roughly half of all Americans do not have a will. Wills are incredibly important documents. They protect and distribute property, allocate debt, and name guardians for any children left behind. Unfortunately, in addition to a will, most Americans also lack an advanced medical directive. An advanced medical directive is a statement detailing one’s desire for future medical treatment. In the case of a living will, the directive designates a surrogate for future medical decisions. These decisions often include preferences regarding CPR and resuscitation.

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What's a power of attorney?

Another option for an advanced medical directive is a power of attorney. Power of attorney is a directive used to assign certain legal rights to an individual. The durable power of attorney is permitted to make bank transactions, see social security checks, and write checks to pay bills on behalf of the incapacitated individual. After a certain point, many lose the mental capability to create a will or advanced medical directive. For this reason, we recommend everyone establish a power of attorney before the need arises. If someone in your family is getting older, it may be time to consider one of the above-mentioned documents.

How do I get these documents?

At the Reid Law Firm, we offer reasonable prices for our services. Generally our wills aren’t particularly long unless necessary. Some attorneys create unnecessarily long wills which can be difficult to understand. In my opinion, legal documents that are easy to understand and short in length are generally in the best interest of the client. Complicated language and too many words can actually increase the likelihood of a dispute. At the Reid Law Firm, we write our wills in a manner that is most helpful for the client. Our will consultations are fairly quick, and our wills are written to stand the test of time. We include unpredictable life events, such as how to handle the birth of any prospective children, in all our wills. Additionally, we offer a free medical directive for any client that purchases a will.

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