Wyndy: Birmingham’s “Uber for Babysitting”

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You’ve likely heard of Uber and Shipt, but get ready for Wyndy, Birmingham’s newest company on the rise. Wyndy is a revolutionary new babysitting app aimed at connecting local parents with experienced and trustworthy college students. The app is available in the Birmingham area on both iPhone and Android, pulling sitters from Samford University, Birmingham-Southern College, and University of Alabama at Birmingham. It can be difficult for parents to find a sitter last minute, but with the creation of Wyndy, a trusted and reliable sitter is right at your fingertips. The app is not just great for parents; it’s exceptionally convenient for college students as well. If a student is in need a little extra money, they need only check the app to find a job posting that fits into their schedule.

Wyndy was founded by Ginger and Tommy Mayfield. The Mayfields met while attending Vanderbilt University and have been married for ten years. They now reside in Birmingham, Alabama with their two daughters. Tommy and Ginger have added valuable talent to the Wyndy team by hiring on Samford grad Emma Crist. Crist, known as the “Babysitting Queen of Birmingham”, built a vast network while at Samford, connecting hundreds of college babysitters. Together the Wyndy team has created an extraordinary new app, providing a user-friendly platform for both parents and students to interact.

Wyndy, named after the character Wendy in Peter Pan, recently received an $80,550 grant from the Alabama Launchpad Startup Competition. The app’s soft launch saw 400 families and 200-college students register in the first week.  Students interested in becoming a sitter may apply at wyndy.com. During the application process students are required to submit a video answering predetermined interview questions. The individual’s enrollment status is then verified and a background check is preformed.

Wyndy's founders created the babysitting app so as to give parents and babysitters the most efficient and convenient means of communication. Parents have two options as far as recruiting a babysitter though the app. They can either post a job to the app’s Job Board or offer the job directly to their favorite Wyndy sitter. Parents can see the sitters' reviews from past jobs to help determine which sitter is the best fit. Once the sitter is chosen and has accepted the job, contact and other relevant information becomes available to both parties. The babysitter agrees beforehand to the hourly payment, and parents pay through the app once the babysitting job is done. The parents are then invited to rate their experience with the babysitter on the app. To learn more about Wyndy, please visit wyndy.com or download it through Google Play or the App Store


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