Law Enforcement Finally Receives Support From Federal Government Under AG Sessions


The New Attorney General, Jeff Sessions

There’s been a great deal of media controversy surrounding Trump’s newly appointed attorney general, Jeff Sessions. The controversy is however nothing more than an overblown ploy to distract Americans from real issues and defame the Republican Attorney General.  Jeff Sessions is an honest man, and he will make a great attorney general. Sessions has an impressive background, serving as U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of Alabama under President Ronald Reagan. Before assuming his role as state senator, Sessions also served as attorney general to the state of Alabama. Undoubtedly, Sessions’ experience running a law enforcement agency on the state level will aid him greatly in his new role in the Trump administration. Sessions is an excellent choice to succeed former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. With Sessions as attorney general, finally law enforcement will have someone in Washington on their side.

Policies Under the Obama Administration

The attorney generals under the Obama administration, however well intentioned, implemented policies that made it extremely difficult for police to do their jobs and protect their communities. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch spent thirteen months investigating the Chicago Police Department. Lynch’s investigation aimed to shed light on allegations of police misconduct. Unfortunately, the ACLU got involved, making it impossible for the police to do their job. Thanks to the Obama Administration and the ACLU, police stops in Chicago went down by more than seventy percent, and, due to that inane policy, the city experienced over 700 murders in 2016. This staggering number represents more murders than the city has seen in nearly twenty years.

Moving Forward

To be sure, the problems in Chicago (not to mention the rest of the country) won’t be fixed overnight. I am, however, optimistic about Session’s possible impact on law enforcement. Undoubtedly, we want to weed out the bad apples in law enforcement, and I have no doubt that the attorney general will prosecute actual misconduct. However, the police have been held to a standard where they are assumed guilty until proven innocent, and it is time for that to stop. I agree that police officers need to do more to interact with the communities they protect, but in some instances they are treated like garbage and every effort they make is met with hostility. I don’t believe that law enforcement should be above the law, but we shouldn’t assume the worst in people who volunteer to serve and protect others and who do so often with little pay, bad hours, and little appreciation. As an attorney, when I have encountered police officers who were bad apples I found their fellow police officers were willing to quietly help me because they didn’t want incompetent or dishonest officers on the force either. We should honor the brave men and women who put their lives on the line in order to protect our nation’s citizens. I know Sessions will serve this country well, striving to give these men and women the respect and support they deserve. Sessions is a strong constitutionalist. As attorney general, I am confidant Sessions will enforce our nation’s laws, all the while protecting the individual freedoms and liberties of the American people.

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