Drugs, Alcohol and Spring Break: Is your child at risk?

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Each year students around the country plan trips to the beach for Spring Break. In fact, according to the Chicago Tribune, more than fifty percent of all college students head to warmer weather for their week off.  The problem is a week of binge drinking is unbelievably dangerous. Each year nearly 2,000-college students die from alcohol related incidents. Over Spring Break, the number of arrests for underage drinking skyrockets. In March of 2015, the Panama City Beach Police Department reportedly confiscated ninety-three guns. In that same week, they made over 500 drug arrests.

Alabama beaches are already preparing for the upcoming holiday festivities. Gulf Shores becomes one of the nation’s most visited cities during the month of March, and from March 1 to April 17 this year, alcohol will not be permitted anywhere on the beach. Last March, there were 460 arrests in Gulf Shores. The majority of those arrests were for underage drinking. I have spoken personally with law enforcement, and the police are going to be in greater force than prior years in order to promote public safety. The reason they are doing this is because there has been so many instances of violence and lives lost due to foolish choices made under the influence. As an attorney, I can be selective in who I represent. If someone has an otherwise clean record and this is there first or second time ever having an issue with the law, then I will work to not let the one bad decision ruin their life. The job market is tight. Having a substance arrest on your record can be devastating to your future. The good news is prosecutors and judges will generally work with people who have otherwise clean records as long as they are willing to help the community and take responsibility for their actions.

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