The Risks to avoid on Halloween!


Holidays bring out the best and the worst in our society. Its great to celebrate the holidays have a drink with friends but the biggest issues come up due high levels of intoxication. Halloween is no different, in fact, this particular holiday holds the record for highest child pedestrian fatality. While superstition and creativity follow Halloween around, parents should err on the side of caution while performing their holiday activities.

Most deaths that occur on Halloween involve a pedestrian-car fatality; statistically children are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than any other night of the year. According to USA Today, over a 20-year time period, 1990-2010, 115 pedestrians under the age of 18 were killed. In addition to pedestrian fatalities, you can find many people being arrested for a number of other issues: drunk driving, disorderly conduct and other criminal violations. According to USA Today, crime-related insurance claims increase more than 24 percent on Halloween. Athens, Ohio, proved their stereotype as a party town for Halloween, in 2015 Athens police arrested nearly 40 people on alcohol intoxication. The same year, Ohio University police gave 69 citations and jailed 18 people for similar circumstances.

With all the excitement of a holiday such as Halloween, often times pedestrian related accidents occur anywhere between the hours of 4pm -10 pm, as the sun is beginning to set and drivers have a more difficult time seeing pedestrians. According to US News, 26% of pedestrian fatalities on Halloween in 2013 involved a drunk driver and between 2009-2013, 43% of all motor vehicle deaths occurring on Halloween night also involved a drunk driver. Therefore, all children should be led by their parents while crossing the street. Halloween is also a big time for falls to occur as kids are running from house to house with their loose-fitting costumes in tow. Parents have their hands full on Halloween, not only candy but mainly to be on guard for all possible threats that such a night brings. Go out tonight and have fun and make some good memories with friends and family but please be careful and if you’re driving exercise extreme caution tonight and go much slower through neighborhoods

Holidays should be a time of celebration and excitement, exercising caution with all activities is highly recommended for a night such as Halloween. Be safe and have a Happy Halloween! If you have any legal issues that arise tonight please Text us 24/7 at 205-913-7406 or email us at

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