5 Traits To Look For When Hiring An Attorney

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Attorneys are expensive. You don’t want to hire someone and then find out you’re just another case to him or her. If you’re hiring an attorney, this is likely a critical moment in your life. You want someone who is going to get that, on top of being highly qualified. But how do you choose an attorney when you’re stressed and the stakes are high? These 5 traits should help you in your search...

1.    Reputable

Google reviews are great for assessing an attorney’s services because they cannot be paid for. They are written by clients and therefore more reliable than other sources. We would advise seeking an attorney that is involved both in the community and online. You don’t want an attorney that is out of touch. Ask if you can speak with a former client. It’s hard to know how good the product is if you haven’t seen it. If no one is willing to vouch for an attorney’s work, perhaps he or she isn’t the attorney for you.

2.    Trustworthy

If possible, seek an initial consultation with the attorney. In person communication is a great tool for picking an attorney, but be wary of attorneys that are just good salesmen. Use your instincts. After meeting the attorney, do your own “review”. Did the attorney seem confident in their ability to represent you? Did they speak in vague terms? Did they answer your questions – ALL your questions?  Did they make you feel uncomfortable in any way? You shouldn’t have any doubts about their integrity or character. Trust your instincts. Don’t invest your time and money in someone you don’t naturally trust. You need an attorney who can guide you and advise you when difficult decisions are necessary, so trust is key.

3.    Reliable

Attorneys need to have an office. If they don’t have a central location to meet at, they may be more transient. This is the type of attorney who might leave your case and find new work, which clearly you don’t want. You also need an attorney who answers the phone. This shows they respect your situation and your time. During this difficult time, the last thing you need is an attorney that’s unreachable.

4.    Understanding

Pick an attorney who fully understands your goals and who can communicate those goals correctly and effectively. This is essential. If your attorney does not understand what you want the outcome to be, they cannot help you to achieve it. You will probably have to share some very private matters with your attorney, so you want someone who is empathetic and compassionate.

5.    Reasonably priced

Be cautious of prices too low or prices too high. Experience doesn’t have to cost more. There’s a limit to how much you should reasonably be expected to pay for a case. However, be also wary of attorney’s offering low costs. This is a red flag as well. Why aren’t they charging the market value? Look for a fair price. You want to get your desired results without having to waste your money.

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