How To Guarantee Your Kids Will Make A High Income Right Out Of School

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One of the challenges of that America faces in the 21st century is ensuring that there are enough jobs in the marketplace. Over the past 30 years we have seen many manufacturing jobs move overseas and many of the people who worked those jobs were left in dire circumstances. Yet, there is hope that we could bring back manufacturing jobs to this country. There is a great need for skilled labor and the department of Labor has put out statistics that there for every 3 people that retire from skilled labor jobs, we only have one American worker to replace them. Mike Rowe of dirty jobs has been leading the charge for Alabamians to obtain these skilled labor jobs like wielding, because they pay nearly six figures and are in high demand. Yet, our culture is constantly telling our children that a four year liberal arts degree is the only way to succeed. Since 1990, vocational training in public schools has been cut 36% which is one reason why we are having to import skilled workers from overseas. North Carolina recently passed a innovative new law which will dramatically change the way many students experience high school. North Carolina has a duel track system which allows the students that want vocational training to get most of it in high school and then potentially go to a trade school and start working usually but the time they are 20. Students that want to go to 4 year colleges can still take the same path as before but this allows the students with an interest in skilled work to start making near 6 figures by the time they are 20 years old. Private businesses are already moving to North Carolina because of this law and it is likely there unemployment will decrease significantly faster than other states over the next decade. We need to elect leaders who will run on a platform that puts emphasis on vocational training in our schools as a means to dramatically reduce the unemployment rate and to bring private business to this state. Alabama needs to follow the North Carolina model and it wouldn't take much investment to get amazing results. Our state has so much potential but our leaders aren't responding to the needs of the marketplace. There is also wide bipartisan support for these programs but no one is really spearheading the effort right now. As our legislature considers increases in our taxes I hope they will also consider much needed reforms in our educational system that will provide so much opportunity for people from all walks of life. If we could encourage vocational opportunities in urban settings it would dramatically decrease the crime rate and provide real and meaningful hope.

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