Have You Considered the Benefits of Having a Will?

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As I've said before, no one ever truly wants to think about wills or estate planning. Honestly, it can be a depressing topic for many people and one that's easy to want to avoid. But when the time comes wouldn’t you much rather know that you made your wishes known instead of leaving crucial decisions to the courts or to family members who might misunderstand your instructions or choose to ignore your wishes entirely?

Wills determine how your property, money, and possessions are dispersed after you are gone. A will also gives you the chance to assign someone you trust to act as executor. The executor of your will is in charge of making sure that your wishes are carried out per your instructions.

Having a will made is beneficial for a number of reasons:

If a will is not made, the fate of your property and possessions are deferred to the state of Alabama. 

Having a will eliminates any question as to whether your possessions are handled properly and eliminates any ambiguity as to who gets what after you're gone.

The existence of a will also simplifies the posthumous process for your family. The time following the death of a loved one often is full of sorrow. Ask anyone who has been through it, it is a poor time to have to sort out legalities and endure the stress of lengthy Alabama probate court proceedings.

Aside from the convenience, having a will may also reduce the amount of inheritance tax your estate will pay based on the value of your properties. In the end, having a will written to clarify your wishes is imperative; it the only way to insure your possessions are left in the proper hands. 

If you or a loved one hasn't yet made a will yet, you shouldn't wait another moment to work with a trusted attorney on your will and estate planning. Wills may be made in response to a number of life events: a marriage, the birth of a child, a serious illness, or the aging of a loved one. If you or someone you know is undergoing any of these life changing events, please contact the Reid Law Firm today at 205-913-7406! You can also text us at (205) 913-7406 for a quick answer to any legal question. Chris Reid can be reached by email at chris.reid@reidlawalabama.com. All communication to the Reid Law Firm is protected by attorney client privilege, so any information submitted will be held in confidence. Initial consultations are always free. For a complete list of our practice areas please visit www.reidlawalabama.com. 

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