The Heroin Epidemic in Alabama and The Law

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One of the most disturbing developments we have seen recently in Alabama is the rise in the use of heroin among young adults.

There are many reasons why heroin use is on the rise but most experts agree that there are three primary factors at work:

1.) The price of heroin has significantly decreased in recent years. In some local communities teenagers are able to acquire heroin for as low as $6 dollars a dose.

2.) Many of the drug cartels who used to primarily traffic in marijuana are switching to heroin now that marijuana has become legal in a few states. These cartels are making up for lost marijuana profits by flooding the streets of states like Alabama with cheap heroin.

3.) There has been a crackdown on prescription painkillers in the U.S. and many people who were able to get medicine to treat pain are no longer able to and even the ones that can get medicine are being prescribed lower doses than in the past. There is no doubt that painkillers have been overprescribed in the U.S. but the way this issue is being solved isn’t just hurting those who abuse drugs, it is also making it harder for people in chronic pain to have access to medicines which increase their quality of life. Therefore, some of the people who are getting addicted to heroin are not the people we would expect to ever use dangerous street drugs.

Unlike marijuana, heroin has the ability to kill the user even in small doses. It is an incredibly addictive drug and is the most lethal of all the illegal drugs currently in major use.

Heroin prosecutions are on the rise in Alabama and other states and it is likely the laws will only get stricter as more people are harmed by this drug. If you know someone who has recently been arrested for heroin or possession of any other drug, it is essential that they are able to get quality legal representation. At the Reid Law Firm we not only help our clients with their legal needs but we also are able to refer our clients to excellent addiction treatment centers, many of which are faith based organizations which do not charge for their services.

Our firm cares about our clients and we will always do everything we can to help our clients in their recovery from addiction.

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