Alternative Route To Success: Skilled Labor Jobs Needed

It has become a common sentiment in our society that everyone should go to college. While I don’t want to discount the benefits of a four-year university, I’d like to speak directly to the astoundingly overlooked and undervalued alternative. There is a substantial and growing demand in the United States for more skilled workers. Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs is one of the most prominent and outspoken proponents for these vocations. According to Rowe, there are 3 million skilled jobs currently in need of filling. While many struggle to find good paying work, I’d like to highlight this incredibly viable option. More skilled workers in the workforce would benefit Alabama’s economy tremendously, and thus is a cause worth noting.

 Let’s face it. College isn’t for everyone. Many don’t have the funds or the desire to succeed in a traditional educational environment, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you have the ability to learn and perform a skilled trade, I hope you will consider taking advantage of the opportunity. Four-year universities can be incredibly expensive. They are time consuming and land many in a world of debt. A growing number of millennials are struggling to find work, despite having earned their degrees. Even worse, many begin college, accrue immense debt and drop out before even completing a degree. If a four-year college isn’t for you, please consider vocational training, an option allowing you to actually earn money out of high school. 

According to the Institute For College Access and Success, 70% of college graduates in 2015 graduated with student debt. This debt averaged around $30,000 per graduate. For all those dissatisfied with their current position, please consider a skilled trade. Alabama is in desperate need of construction workers, electricians, locksmiths, carpenters, ironworkers, nursery specialists, steel fitters, plumbers, mechanics, welders and painters. These occupations are incredibly respectable. They require hard work and skill and are the certainly not a consolation prize. A number of my past clients have been skilled workers, and many of these clients earned six figure salaries. If you enjoy working with your hands, with cars or with machinery, perhaps you should consider one of the aforementioned trades. It’s time we gave these occupations the recognition and respect they deserve.

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