The Dangers of LegalZoom

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As technology advances and everything shifts online, I can see the initial appeal of companies like LegalZoom. This company operates primarily online, allowing costumers to purchase legal documents, as well as request legal counsel. We buy our shoes online. Why don’t we buy legal services there too? I hope this doesn’t come out sounding overtly bias, but there are definitive drawbacks to having a company provide your legal services. At the end of the day, the company’s service is simply limited. I don’t mean to deter readers if LegalZoom is in their best interest. I simply wish to point out the pitfalls associated with purchasing a legal services online through a multimillion-dollar company.

One of the principal drawbacks associated with LegalZoom is the lack of a personal connection. Say you put in a request for help with your S-Corp. LegalZoom is a sizeable company with millions of consumers. How long do you think it will take them to receive your request, process the request, find the answer and get back to you? With a company of this magnitude, it’s extremely easy for your information to get lost in the mix. And even if they do get back with you, the attorney who helps you doesn’t know you nor is he or she going to be able to assess your needs in a few minutes. This has been the case for a number of dissatisfied LegalZoom costumers. So ask yourself, does that sound like the type service you want? At our firm, on average we get back to everyone within 17 minutes. We have a personal relationship with each our clients. We don’t ask for usernames and passwords and place you on hold while the system processes. We know you by name. You aren’t 1 “costumer” in 300 million; you are our client and have our utmost attention. We don’t mean to bash LegalZoom. For simple legal documents, they do a fine job. However, when it comes to a personal relationship, there is just no question about it. An individual practiced law firm is the way to go when it comes to legal needs.

Another problem with LegalZoom is the lack of transparency. The contracts provided are pretty lengthy, as I’m sure they assume you won’t even read it. Let’s take, for example, their “30-day free trial” gimmick. If you read the fine print, you might find yourself paying a monthly fee. Then they add processing fees and a fee for the service completed. In contrast, at our firm, most contracts are only one page long. We lay out the service we intend to provide and detail the payment. That’s it. We aren’t trying to scam our clients or hide anything from them. We walk you through each part and answer any questions you might have. This is an important distinction from the service you’re given at LegalZoom. Would you rather sign a 1 page contract, with the attorney who will help answer any questions, or would you rather click “agree” online to a lengthy contract the company knows no one will ever read? The problem with the second choice is that you are left open to a world of hidden fees. LegalZoom is notorious for adding randomly monthly fees wherever possible. At the Reid Law Firm, we offer a flat for many of our services. This means your price won’t go up for anything. This method insures we’ll get your case handled quickly and efficiently.

In summation, there are simply limits to a company like LegalZoom. Wills, LLC’s and operating agreements are all extremely complicated. They often deal with the entirety of your assets. This isn’t something you’ll wish to take lightly. If you intend to have any of these documents written, you’re going to want them done correctly. There are many requirements for wills. They need to be signed and notarized. They need to be witnessed by two people. They are private and something you’ll likely want kept secure and confidential. It’s difficult to see how a large company could quickly, efficiently and effectively handle this process. Not to mention the hidden fees you can bet they will attach to the service.

At the Reid Law Firm, we will do everything in our power to meet the needs of our clients. We know each of our clients by name and will treat you as such. We develop lasting relationships and often will help a client with their legal needs for years. We are also fair in our pricing. A will between for a married couple without any kids can run as low as $200. For a comparable price to companies like LegalZoom, we can provide personal attention and all of our clients have my personal cell number. We aren’t shipping out millions of template wills. We provide wills that are intended to function 50 years down the road.

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