Disabled Veteran Fighting for His Life After Government Declares Him Dead

Kyle Nuss has been fighting his whole life, battling complications from cystic fibrosis in hopes of pursuing a normal, happy life. At the age of 18, Kyle assumed the responsibility to fight not only for his life, but for the lives of millions of Americans when he enlisted in the armed services. Now Kyle is fighting perhaps the hardest battle he has ever had to face--the battle to reclaim his own life from the very government he so selflessly defended.

In May, Kyle lost his father, Gregory Dwayne Nuss. The crippling heartbreak and stress that accompanied the loss of Kyle’s father only amplified when Kyle’s inability to make purchases on his credit and debit cards led to the discovery that--through a careless and devastating error--the federal government had declared Gregory Kyle Nuss (Kyle) deceased rather than declaring his father as the deceased.

These arduous conditions have worsened Kyle’s own condition. Due to the stress caused by the multitude of these tragedies, Kyle is being stripped of his ability to fight cystic fibrosis--both physically, due to the taxing effects of such strenuous circumstances, and financially, because a man who has been declared dead by the federal government cannot access his personal funds or health insurance...even if he is still alive and fighting for his life.

Our veterans are the ones who keep us safe. They are the reason why we can safely go for a walk around the neighborhood, the reason why we can sleep peacefully at night, and the reason why we have so many of the freedoms that we proudly exercise every day. As a veteran, Kyle Nuss so selflessly gave of his time, his security, and was even willing to give his life in order to protect our lives and our freedoms. As Americans, it is our turn to fight for one of the men who sacrificed so much to fight for us in order to help him overcome the monumental battle of losing his father, his funds, and his health.

If you would like to donate to Kyle's GoFundMe, you can access it hereThe money raised from this campaign will help Kyle pay for his medical bills, attorney fees, and a place to live for him and his girlfriend--whom he is excited to marry upon his recovery. He said it took his entire life to find his soulmate--someone who would stand by him through his disability and the battles it brings, through the happiest days, and through his darkest hours. By providing these funds for Kyle, we can enable him to reclaim his life today, and help him to secure the future that he is pursuing with so much enthusiasm and hope.


This article was written by Lindsey Jinright, one of Reid Law's 2018 summer interns. Lindsey is a senior English major and Anthropology minor at Auburn University. Lindsey may be contacted at lindsey.reidlawalabama@gmail.com