What is it Like to Work at the Reid Law Firm?

Working at Reid Law Firm is a unique experience to say the least. It is a great experience for someone interested in law or politics to participate in solving real world problems and gain knowledge regarding their field of interest. In doing so, my fellow interns and I will leave with valuable experience that will help us in our private and professional lives. Mr. Reid is truly a selfless individual who impacted so many different people’s lives. One example would be me personally. A week before my interview with Mr. Reid, I was in a terrible car accident that left me with great damage to my neck, back, and rotator cuff, in addition to a severe concussion. All of these factors rendered me incapacitated and completely unprepared for my interview. I explained this to Mr. Reid over the phone, and he immediately expressed his sympathy and was more than happy to reschedule the interview to a more convenient time. When I arrived for the interview Mr. Reid seemed very concerned about my injuries and was very personable. He instructed me to write an assignment on the DACA predicament and provided extra time due to my recovery stages.

Another example of Mr. Reid’s good samaritan selflessness is the case of Kyle Nuss. Mr. Nuss, a 28 year-old army veteran who served our country honorably and with cystic fibrosis, has been fighting an uphill battle for survival his entire life.  Mr. Nuss’ medical bills has accrued to the hundreds of thousands of dollars due to his condition’s severity and he stays in the hospital on an average of four times per year. Kyle’s father, who shared the same first and last name as Kyle, unexpectedly died the same time Kyle was enduring one of his lengthy hospital stays. The federal government confused Kyle Nuss Sr. as Kyle Nuss Jr. and legally declared him dead without doing a thorough investigation into the matter. This action caused Kyle’s Medicaid, social security, and disability benefits to be terminated. When Mr. Reid was approached by Kyle’s family to help, he was completely heartbroken by this and immediately agreed to accept Kyle as a client for no charge whatsoever. Chris has gone above and beyond  trying to procure compensation for his client. He has contacted multiple political and media outlets to circulate Kyle’s story and started a gofundme page to help pay for Kyle’s expenses.

These actions demonstrate that being a lawyer is more than just a job, it’s a calling. I honestly believe that Chris Reid embodies the best traits of being an attorney and a servant to the people. His firm reflects this. The people I have worked with have been kind and helpful, and all seem genuine in their work, and want to help people. This attitude is a new revelation to me. The first couple of jobs I had in high school seemed to consist of people who were oblivious and neglectful of their duties, were just looking for ways to cheat, and did just the bare minimum to get by. But things are different at Reid Law Firm. The caliber of people dedicated to public service is bar none and can’t be compared to any other group. I have thoroughly enjoyed working here, and will continue to do so for as long as I can.


This article was written by Brad Robinson, one of Reid Law's 2018 summer interns.