Katherine Timpf: A Voice for Young Conservatives

By Katie Pickle and Chris Reid

            In a political environment where it can be intimidating for young Republicans to speak their minds and openly identify with the party, Fox News commentator Katherine Timpf says the things that many GOP millennials are thinking. At 28 years old, Timpf has already established herself as a noted political pundit and an informed voice on hot-button issues. A comedian as well as a media personality, Timpf brings humor to subjects that could otherwise be awkward or contentious. Her unique style makes politics accessible for young people who might normally shy away from political discussion, and Timpf shows young Conservatives that popularized liberal views are not the only opinions of their generation.

            Originally from Detroit, MI, Timpf graduated from Hillsdale College in 2010. Though known to be a conservative institution, Timpf herself identifies more as a libertarian, but has noted that she loves the idea “that the government does not get to decide what this private institution [Hillsdale] gets to teach.” In her libertarian views, Timpf captures the hybrid platform that many young Republicans embrace—limited government in all aspects, a sensible foreign policy, and the desire that social decisions be made by the individual.  

            Timpf has appeared on numerous television programs including America Live with Megyn Kelly, The Greg Gutfield Show, and Fox and Friends. Currently, Timpf is the co-host of The Specialists, a new show that began airing on Fox News last month. She is also a reporter at National Review Online, where she writes columns addressing government overreach and cultural over-sensitivity. Before becoming a Fox News contributor, Timpf worked as a video and print reporter for Campus Reform, where she addressed the adversity faced by some conservative college students at sometimes overly liberal universities. Timpf has often commented on college professors being too political and liberal in their lectures, and has criticized college campuses for not supporting a diversity of political ideals. In a higher education environment where discourse can seem dominated by the left, Timpf aptly expresses the view that the “forum of open ideas and free speech that a college is supposed to be” is often not the reality and as a result, the learning environment is negatively affected. This situation is no doubt relatable for many young members of the GOP, who may feel outnumbered and without a voice at college campuses across the nation.

            Timpf serves as an important example that not all conservatives, or young people in general, are cut from the same mold—there are many types of Republicans, and a wide variety of views embraced by a young generation that doesn’t want to be left out of the political discussion. Although she is a successful young woman, Timpf is often critical of feminism in her commentary and articles, arguing that although feminism has its valid points, women can be oversensitive in what they perceive as discrimination. Timpf criticized Hillary Clinton for not being a true feminist, because although she preached feminist values during her presidential campaign, she attacked the sexual assault victims of her husband. Timpf’s statements on feminism and oversensitivity are part of a recurring theme in her commentary, in which she goes after oversensitivity in society as a whole and what she thinks is an overblown political correctness crusade. Timpf’s views may not be popular with all her readers or viewers, and may be somewhat controversial, but her outspokenness and courage in sticking to what she believes in are an inspiration in the polarized and hostile political arena of the modern day.

            Timpf’s strong voice is especially admirable at a difficult juncture for the Republican party. The GOP faces internal conflict—between the moderate conservatives and the populist followers of President Trump. Timpf herself has come out criticizing Trump, calling him a “hack” when he first launched his campaign and taking particular offense to his feud with Megyn Kelly. Timpf generally supports Trump and his agenda, and appreciates his war on political correctness that is in line with her own views about unbridled free speech. However, she points out the irony in some of his comments, like his tweet threatening to take away the citizenship of flag burners, and questions his commitment to the First Amendment. Timpf is an important voice in the current atmosphere of political division, because she represents how many millennial Republicans feel about President Trump. She wants the Republican agenda to succeed, but she wants a clearer and more unified message from the President, based on facts and reason rather than unchecked emotion. Timpf is part of the generation that Trump needs to win over, young GOP voters who are the future of Washington.

            With her many accolades while still only in her 20s, Katherine Timpf is a force to be reckoned with. She will no doubt continue to reach new heights, and is a shining light for young conservatives in a predominantly liberal media. Timpf shows the new generation of millennial Republicans that they too can speak out and voice their beliefs, and exemplifies the importance of courage and confidence in sticking to your values. Check out Timpf’s commentary on The Specialists, weekdays at 5 p.m. EST on Fox News.  

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