God Does Not Need the Government to Build His Kingdom

Christians all over Alabama have rallied behind Roy Moore in a desperate attempt to keep their controversial and disgraced judge in the senate race. Pastors across the state have expressed their continued support, often at the expense of the poor victims of his sexual escapades. They claim that Moore is not only waging a war against the establishment elite, but also against the moral depravity that is running rampant through our nation. Many see Moore as the savior who will rebuild God’s Kingdom in America through his seat in the Senate. However, God does not need a government to build his kingdom. That’s simply not the message found in Christianity.

Throughout his career, Roy Moore has used his position to shove his version of Christianity down the throats of Alabamians, and was removed from his position twice for doing so. Men like Moore mistakenly believe that they can bring a culture to salvation through force and law. However, this line of thinking was never a goal of Christ or the early Christian church, and has historically failed throughout history. Many Jews thought that the Messiah would come to wage war against the oppressive Roman Empire and establish a rule by God and His people. Instead, Jesus told them to give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to love their neighbor as themselves; they crucified Him for it. In the early 1600’s, Christians fled from the government’s oppressive version of Christianity in Europe, and came to North America, in search of religious freedom. While that freedom was still often restricted in some colonies, it was these experiences that led to the founding of our great nation and a historic belief in the separation of church and state.

As Christians, we have always believed that evangelism is the result of love and grace shown by a community of believers who go out and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a world of lost and broken people. It is through that love and grace that God builds His kingdom on earth. However, some have distorted this doctrine, believing that they themselves can use their positions of power to bring wayward sinners into submission. Whether this be done with honest intentions or with a hidden self-promoting agenda doesn’t matter. It simply will not bring others to Christ, and has tainted the name of Christianity in our culture. God does not need powerful politicians to build His kingdom.

All of this being said, that does not mean that government and politicians can’t play a role in God’s kingdom. They play a crucial role in fact. Christian politicians should be elected to ensure the government protects the church, and establishes a society in which it can grow and continue to build God’s kingdom. Now, as those politicians serve in a secular ruling body, they should not turn around and persecute those who do not have the same beliefs as the church. Rather, they should ensure that the government protects every belief and creed, while providing a space for the church to minister to those who need it most and change the culture from the inside out. For example, we should not ban homosexuality, but allow the church to minster to those tempted by it. This ensures that hurting and broken people experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ, rather than being locked into an iron-clad way of life that fosters rebellion and leads them further away from the words of Christ.

This is where Roy Moore and many like him fall short. Without commenting too much on their apparent exploitation of Christian values to gain a vote, these politicians mistakenly believe they can bring salvation to all through force. Ironically, they tend to push many away from Christ by painting a tainted portrait of the Gospel and putting it on display for all to see. God does not need the government to build His kingdom, but He does use each of us to spread His love and grace throughout our communities, states, and nation.

I beg my fellow Christians in Alabama to encourage Moore to step down and push the Republican party to back a candidate who will lawfully protect our Christian and conservative values in the Senate.


Daniel Bruce is a media consultant at the Reid Law Firm. Daniel is studying Political Science and Economics at Auburn University and plans to attend law school after graduation. He is an avid writer and gives a refreshing millennial perspective of many of the issues of today. Follow Daniel on Twitter @d_bruce96.


Photo courtesy of Flickr user maorlando