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No matter who is at fault in a divorce, it is critical that you have a tough attorney in your corner who will fight to protect your family, your way of life, and give you peace of mind.

Reid Law Firm knows the laws surrounding matters of divorce, property, and child custody in the State of Alabama. But we also understand the personal struggles our clients face when marriages come to an end. We are always available during rough times.

We truly listen to our clients and work hard to review all of the facts behind your divorce. As your divorce lawyer, we will fight tirelessly for you. 

Whether your divorce will be contested or uncontested, will be settled inside or outside the courtroom, we have the experience to help you obtain the best possible results. There is NEVER a fee to have your case reviewed.


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You deserve to have your specific divorce case exhaustively reviewed by an attorney who knows Alabama divorce law and has had successful outcomes for his clients in Birmingham courts.

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You deserve to have your rights explained to you in simple language by an attorney who is on your side and who can help you protect yourself, your children, and your future.

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Your divorce or custody case can be the most confusing time in your life. We will help you to determine the best path forward for your specific divorce case and we will always fight hard to win for you.

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