Saudi Arabia and the controversial 28 page report

There has been a recent uptake in interest in a 28 page congressional report linking Saudi Arabia to the September 11th terrorist attacks. Saudi Arabia is said to be an ally of the United States, but many believe the Saudis were complicit with the extremist attacks. In 2002, the Bush administration ordered the now infamous 28-page document to be permanently sealed. Senator Bob Graham, one of the main proponents for the release of the documents, pins the Saudis as a principal financial backer for 9/11. It is clearly in the United States’ best interest to declassify these documents. If the declassification is allowed to occur, victims of terrorism will be permitted to sue those responsible for their distress. This action is currently barred by congress, but congress is looking to enact legislation allowing for the lawsuits. Currently, Saudi Arabia is threatening to sell $750 billion in US based assets if the documents are released. While this is unmistakably inauspicious, America should not give into financial blackmail. Osama Bin Ladin and al-Queda have a long history with the Saudis. If congress would release the documents, perhaps we could uncover the truth. Out of respect for the families and victims of 9/11, congress should declassify the documents and allow for justice to occur.

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