Why It's Crucial to Have a Good Agent When Entering the NFL

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Everyone knows, in sports, talent and training are what matters the most. However, talent alone isn’t enough to protect your interests during a career in professional sports.

As a Registered NFL Agent and successful Alabama attorney, Chris Reid is able to help his clients cross any of the hurdles that come their way. From signing that all-important first pro contract to negotiating local and national endorsement deals, Reid Law Firm has the legal skills to make sure your future as a professional athlete is secure and profitable.

Our philosophy is simple: Reid Law Firm does whatever it takes to make sure our NFL clients get the best deals possible as players and the best representation away from the game.

How do we do this?


We represent the person, not just the player, and we will be by your side long after your playing career is over.


We fight as hard as possible at the negotiating table to get you the best deal available, every single time we represent you.


As a registered sports agent we work with our professional athlete clients during contract negotiations, endorsements, and a wide variety of legal and business deals. We can also go further, helping with marketing, public relations, and many additional services that help our clients further their career goals.

You’ve dedicated years of your life to making your dream of playing in the NFL come true. You deserve an agent who will have your back every step of the way. Ready to discuss your future in pro sports? Call or text the Reid Law Firm today at 205-913-7406! We can be reached by email at chris.reid@reidlawalabama.com. All communication to the Reid Law Firm is protected by attorney client privilege, so any information submitted will be held in confidence. Initial consultations are always free. For a complete list of our practice areas please visit www.reidlawalabama.com. 

Our firm practices the following areas of law: wills, trust, and estates, divorce and family, DUI and drug offenses (only first and second time offenses), and car accident cases. We also handle business law, including formation of business entities and drafting contracts. Additionally, I co-host Yellowhammer News every Monday during lunch from 11-12 on 101.1 fm Birmingham (but our show is broadcast throughout most of the state).