How Much Crystal Meth Are You Carrying In Your Wallet?

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The 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported the use of methamphetamine by 1.2 million individuals over the course of the previous year. 440,000 individuals reported use of the drug during the month of the survey’s release.  In 2014, the DEA reported 112 meth labs, dumpsites, and equipment seizures in the state of Alabama. The counties in Alabama with the highest number of drug labs found were Jackson, Morgan, Marion, and Madison. In 2012, Monitoring the Future surveyed adolescents in the United States and found 1% of 8th, 10th, and 12th graders had used methamphetamine in the previous year. While this study did indicate a drop in use by 10th and 12th grades, the study did not find a significant drop in the use of meth by 8th graders. 

Another surprise that has come to the attention of authorities is the use of liquid meth. This alternate form of meth has allegedly been smuggled in from Mexico. Reports of this form of methamphetamine use first surfaced in Arab, Alabama when two different individuals were found in possession of the drug. Since then, use of the drug has become more and more common. Liquid meth is easier to transport and disguise and thus posses a substantial obstacle for law enforcement.

Authorities are also struggling to combat the crystal meth epidemic. Shockingly, this substance can be grown at home.  Crystal meth is therefore harder to track because it does not have to be smuggled in like cocaine or heroin. Individuals are reportedly using Google and their local supermarket to grow crystal meth in their backyard.

Currently, our court systems are extremely backed up; drug possession cases are a large reason for this hold up.  As an attorney, I believe everyone deserves to get his or her day in court. For the safety of our citizens, we need to get methamphetamine use (of all forms) out of our communities. 8th graders should not be able to get a hold of such a dangerous and deadly drug. The DEA reported in 2012 that over 40% of all $1 bills tested in the Birmingham metro area contained traces of methamphetamine. We need to find a way to come together and stop this epidemic once and for all. 

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