Do Prenups Decrease Divorce Rates?

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As an attorney, I can tell you first hand: the number one thing couples fight over is money. Divorces are filed every single day over “irreconcilable differences”. While a prenup doesn’t sound particularly romantic, it’s possible it could lessen the likelihood of divorce. If you get a prenup arranged, perhaps you and your partner will have fewer disputes over financial disputes down the road.

I want to be clear. Creating a prenup doesn’t mean you intend in anyway get divorced. Prenups are a responsible and practical option obtained by many each year. These are formal documents accounting for each spouse’s property, finances and assets. Unfortunately many marriages end in divorce these days, so it’s also not a bad thing that, in the event of a divorce, prenups can help to avoid court proceedings.

There are a multitude of reasons a couple might seek out a prenup. If you have a substantial amount of real estate or income, you may consider a prenup. Many who own their own business wish to acquire one as well. While it isn’t the most romantic process, a prenup is just like any other legal document. If you have a large amount of stock, plans to go to school, or are the heir to an estate, a prenup is worth considering. Prenups are made before marriage, but if you decide later you’d like to set an agreement up, couples can also obtain what’s called a “postnup”.

If you are interested in a prenup, it’s a good idea to speak to an attorney. For one, you likely don’t know the inner workings of your state’s marriage laws. As with any legal document, stringent parameters must be met for the document to be upheld in court. We advise separate legal counsel for each party. This gives each party peace of mind and the comfort that their interests are being considered.  With two attorneys, both spouses have an expert argue on his or her behalf, establishing clear and fair ground rules.

A couple’s decision to obtain a prenup is completely private and personal. To stress again, a prenup does not have to mean you have plans to divorce. In fact, couples with a prenup get divorced 50% less than couples without a prenup. However, many Americans are entering a second marriage with substantial incomes and should seriously consider the benefits of a prenup. 

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